Residential Interior Design

We believe design is on what people really need, from the basic, function, preference to living habit (the way of using). 
We design accordingly to the space; same as human being, every space has its own character. 
Design to the need, style and environment.

Interior design by UP creations.

Trinity Aquata Condo | MY
Anjali North Kiara Condo | MY
Mont Kiara Pines Condo | MY
The Vyne Condo | MY
(3D) Penduline Rimbayu Terrace | MY
(3D) Kalista Park Homes Superlink | MY
Scarlet Rimbayu Terrace | MY
(3D) Bedroom, TTDI Terrace | MY
Royal Regent Condo | MY
(3D) Twins Damansara Condo | MY
(3D) Anjali North Kiara Condo | MY
(3D) Mont Kiara Pines Condo | MY
Mutiara Damansara Terrace | MY
100 Residency Show Unit Type B
SS1 Bungalow | MY
100 Residency Show Unit Type B
AraGreens Residences Condo | MY
(3D) Kitchen, Mutiara Damansara Terrace | MY
Study Room, U-Thant Residence | MY
(3D) Serdang Green Park Condo | MY
(3D) Study Room, Scarlet Residence | MY
(3D) Master Bedroom, Scarlet Residence | MY
(3D) Bedroom, Duta Villa | MY
(3D) Dining, Duta Villa | MY
(3D) Master Bedroom, Duta Villa | MY
(3D) Double Volume Living, SS1 Bungalow | MY
(3D) Kitchen & Dining, SS1 Bungalow | MY
(3D) Walk in Wardrobe, SS1 Bungalow | MY
(3D) Master Bathroom, SS1 Bungalow | MY
(3D) Clover @ Garden Residence | MY
(3D) AraGreens Residences Condo | MY
(3D) La Garden Terrace | MY
(3D) 2 Bedrooms Unit Expat Home | MY
(3D) Dining, Olives Subang Condo | MY
(3D) Bathroom, Villa Pines | MY
(3D) Study & Working, Villa Pines | MY
(3D) Ensuite Bedroom, Villa Pines | MY
(3D) Dining & Kitchen, Setia Eco Park | MY
(3D) Master Bedroom, Villa Pines | MY
(3D) Villa Pines Town House | MY
(3D) Facade, Seapark Bungalow | MY
(3D) Facade, TTDI Terrace | MY
(3D) Facade, Selayang Terrace | MY
(3D) Facade, Austin Hills Terrace | MY
(3D) Facade, Old Klang Rd. Bungalow | MY
(3D) Facade, Bt. Melawati Bungalow | MY
(3D) Kitchen, Austin Hills Terrace | MY
(3D) Kitchen, Kemuning Utama Terrace | MY
(3D) Kitchen, Vista Selesa Terrace | MY
(3D) Soho Unit | MY
(3D) 3 Bedrooms Unit Condo | MY
(3D) Gym Room, Indah Villa | MY
(3D) Resort Style Concept Bedroom
(3D) Concept Bungalow | MY