Kind Words

Thanks Tony, Carina & Team! The pictures look so clean and bright! Also thank you for taking into account all our requests but still managing to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in our kitchen, study and WIW. Our extended family think the same! We've been recommending your work whenever the word House ID pops up =)
- Camelia Tamansari Terrace

Tony and Carina, really thanks for designing our kl house.. it is very thoughtful and practical layout... we all had non stop compliments and also pleasant stay at there
- Ara Damansara Terrace

Tony, Irene, Thanks a lot for such a great interior decoration for my home. The only concern I had initially was the yellow lighting which I thought I might not like it. Turnout it looks warm and I feel very comfortable about it. Thanks Irene for highly suggested me to give a try on that. Overall I like it a lot and definitely will recommend Up Creation to anyone looking for a home ID.
- Ten Kinrara

I have been speaking volumes about my choice of UP. I tell ppl that it's luck I found your outfit just by surfing the internet, I called you, Din n I went to check out you and your office and we decided straight away in engaging UP.
I didn't even call to check out any other ID place. Din n I are really happy to be serviced by you and your team :)

- Inwood Residences

Thank u guys for the great help! It cant be happen without u guys! Tq Soon team and Tony team in making this happens.
I love this shop alot! The design is awesome. Thanks alot for the effort Carina!

- Hypergear 1U

Thanks for sending us these beautiful photos. You guys have done a great job and we did not regret for choosing you. Love the design so much! We couldn't be happier with the final results. Really appreciate it. Thank you
- Rimbayu Scarlet Residence

More photos to share with those who loves a hybrid of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian inspired home style! Searching for the right interior designer was a stressful process to me until we found UP creations. I knew they will be the right one to consult when I first saw their design portfolio. After talked to more than 10 interior designers. I found that it's a rare chance to meet an interior designer who appreciates the element of space, natural lighting, minimalism, focal point, functionality, living experience and most importantly the meaning of a "home". Thanks for the amazing work=)
- The Vyne Condo

Tony, want to thank you for the great help you have extended over all these months; going beyond your scope of works.
Words can't express my heartfelt thanks for the work you and Carina have done. Wonderful pictures you have taken. Great skills you have. Never realised the condo looks cozy in the pictures :) once again, thank you for your help and time taken in assisting us all this time. All the very best in your future projects and may your work continues to reach a greater height. 

- Royal Regent Condo

Omg the photos are gorgeous!!!!! The house looks so nice in the photos. Thanks again for helping us with the design!!! we love the house. 
- SS1 Bungalow

Everyone saying ur design very nice. 
Know what's the best thing we did for the house? Engaging u guys.
Frens know we go through proper due d before engaging each person. And for some reason they think everyone and everything we select must be expensive and quality. 
Without u maybe even my walls will have different off colors.
- Mutiara Damansara Terrace

Very nice this shop outcome. Compact and Warm. So far the best. Laminate + a lot mark, especially the pillar.
- Taste Better ESG

They said our design is very good. One of the best. Good job carina
- Taste Better Vivocity, SG

We like this store very much. Thanks for the great interior design! Great upgrade for kaison. Very well designed. Yet welcoming to customers. In line with our business concept, design for all.
- Kaison Aeon Ipoh Klebang

A lot of people praise kaison melawati outlet interior. A lot of leasing contacted me. Everytime when there is a new mall opening, other mall leasing dept will visit, to see the mall, and to see the tenants they are interested. So the tenants that usually catch their attention r those who r able to draw crowds, with good interior, we r probably in one of the list :)
- Kaison Melawati

First and foremost, thanks for your kind assistance and valuable advice throughout the renovation period. It was a pleasure being able to work with both of you and it was indeed a blessing to work with genuine and sincere designers like you. There were ups and downs during the renovations works but it was certainly a learning experience for me. I will definitely high recommend you to any of my family and friends. Tony, lucky that you were much responsible hence we were able to complete this.
- AraGreens Residence

- Austin Hills Terrace

We are happy with your service. :) well done works. More things to come!
- A Moxie Associates Sdn Bhd

Overall you guys gave us the mood that we needed. For both hotels. Thank Tony for me please.
- Aprilist Associates

Just had a look at the photos…brilliant ! I like the pool images and overall, fantastic job :) Please thank Tony for me as well.
- Melawati Bungalow