Travel Photography at New Zealand 2013 | North Island

“A life of travel is not for special, rich or lucky people. It’s for those who choose to live it.”
Life is full of beauty, every little thing is sweet and amazing, we capturing wonders of mother nature.

Throughout the travel, we have learned to enjoy and cherish every moment, discovered the power of now. 
We love our life, our works and everything we are now doing! La bella vita!

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Travel photography by UP creations.


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The first sunray at Cathedral Cove_New zealand_captured with slow shutter speed showing the cloud like wave in motion
The beach of Coromandel framed with The Acrh of Cathedral Cove, recorded the beautiful texture of foreground cliff and rocks while maintaining the sky and beach vivid color Mt. Maunganui or called Mauao, a moving mount appeared in Maori Myth, shining under setting sun showing its meadow grass and mountain top covered by little forest Sunset view from famous Taupo bungy jump site, captured at the perfect moment where the sun angled just above far mountain range, sun ray penetrate through misty ground and show meander of Waikato river flown along A misty morning at Whakarewarewa, Redwoods forest at Rotorua, which growth with tall Californian Coast Redwoods, sun rays shinning threw dense leaves  and formed a sunstar on photo